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Empire City Casino, 810 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers New York 10704






Founder's Word

We welcome you to the 8th Annual Mwape Peer Awards. As we look back six years ago, when we discussed the idea of starting Mwape Peer Awards as a family, it looks just like yesterday. Never did we imagine that 6 years later, this would grow globally to reach the heights at which it soars today. Over the years, we have been blessed by meeting and working with the best people, all of whom contributed greatly to our growth and success.

To everyone coming, we thank you for taking your time from your busy schedules to come and join us here in New York City, as we celebrate those among us, who are touching lives and making a difference in our communities. Your unrelenting efforts and support are the very soil, in which our organization spreads its roots, for that, we shall always be grateful. And we value your feedback; we are looking forward to hearing from you.

To our fantastic team, who have worked tirelessly for months to put this event together, we extend our utmost gratitude; you are the building blocks of Mwape Peer Awards.

Thank you.

Ruth & James Mwape
Founders/Executive Directors
New Jersey, USA 2/2015

Category Highlights


Bankers Award honoring an influential and inspirational individual in the banking sector.


Diplomat Award honoring a member of the diplomatic corps who has shown extra ordinary excellence in diplomacy.


Physician Award honoring clinical physician who consistently achieve high standards in the practice of medicine by finding innovative ways of delivering quality medical care despite budget constraints. Is looked upon as the role model by peers and a valuable resource.


Economist Award honoring an economist who combines academic recognition with active participation in public policy.


Teacher Award honoring exceptional men and women in the teaching profession. Good teachers are critical to a strong school system.


Engineering Award honoring exceptional achievement through innovation in any field of engineering (civil, electrical, mechanical, sanitation, water, chemical, etc.)


Entertainment Award honoring an outstanding entertainer in radio, TV and movie industry.


Entrepreneur Award honoring an outstanding individual not only for his/her superior ideas, but also for their clear potential to grow small businesses in their communities using available resource.


Lawyer Award celebrating the distinguished career of an individual whose world class practice and commitment to law is an inspiration to the rest of the legal profession.


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Phone:   +1 856 577 1036